Naish Boxer 2023/24

All-around Freeride/Foiling
“With great steering response and impeccable power control the Boxer nails down the perfect equation for foilboarding, but its power and handling make it much more than just a foil-head’s dream kite available in any size.” – The Kiteboarder

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NAISH Boxer 2023/24
All-around Freeride/Foiling

The 2023 Boxer is our premier one-strut kite constructed to be lightweight, ultra-durable, and responsive. This year, the smaller sizes have increased turning speed and are mainly focused on foiling. These kites now sit deeper in the window, giving you a more solid feel while foiling. The panel count is also optimized by size, meaning all kites in the range have a similar feel due to the larger sizes having more panels, and the smaller sizes having fewer, bringing the ultimate balance of structure and weight per size. The Dacron layout has also been redesigned to keep weight down. Along with our new lightweight/streamlined TLS 500 bridle lines, the Boxer now flies better than ever in light air. The huge size range from 2.8-16 m means the Boxer has the largest range in the Naish lineup, with the bigger sizes being great light wind twin tip options, the middle sizes being great for all-around light wind riding (surfboard, foil, twin tip) and the smaller sizes excelling at kite foiling. A point which may be overlooked by most riders, the Boxer shines at light wind and down-the-line wave riding, drifting better than almost anything due to its light weight single luff strut design. If you are looking for the perfect kite to enjoy regular/marginal winds, or take your foiling to the next level, enjoy the most efficient kite in the lineup, the Boxer.


Size 2.8 3.4 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 16
Windrange 30+ 30+ 30+ 27+ 25+ 21+ 18-32 18-30 15-26 14-24 11-32 9-19 8-18
Windrange Foil  16-35  15-33 15-30 14-28 13-25 11-23  10-22  9-21  9-20  9-19  8-18  8-16 7-15
Aspect Ratio 3,7 3,87 4,03 4,03 4,03 4,03 4,05 4,1 4,04 4,04 4,05 4,03 4,04


  • NEW- Swift Tips – The new wingtip construction is 30% stronger than previous versions while being lighter and using less dacron. The canopy now extends all the way to the Leading Edge, giving the kite a more streamlined look and performance benefits such as more direct turning.
  • Quad-Tex Ripstop Fabric – The Quad-Tex Ripstop fabric is an extremely durable material, creating a strong and stiff canopy. Quad-Tex withstands punishing conditions while maintaining high-performance characteristics over the long term.
  • HT Plus Seam – Our high-tenacity thread strengthens the leading edge along the seam, allowing you to confidently inflate your kite to a higher pressure for better flying performance.
  • Molded Strut Ends – The molded strut ends provide additional reinforcements to protect the struts from natural wear and tear.
  • Aramid Patches – Provides protection and reinforcement to the seams on the leading edge.
  • One Point Inflation System – Our one point inflation system provides quick and easy inflation and deflation of the kite.
  • Luff Strut – The luff strut provides an adaptable framework for better low-end power.
  • Diagonal Load Seam – Distributes kite tension for a more powerful and well-balanced kite
  • Lightweight Aerodynamic Bridles – Our new boxer bridle system is built from high-quality, streamlined TLS500 flying lines. This dramatically decreases the drag through the air, and also through the water, aiding relaunch.

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