Naish Carbon+ Vario SDS [2024]


Carbon + Vario

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Carbon + Vario
The Carbon Plus is for every paddler, in every condition. It provides unmatched performance, versatility and light weight that matches most high end fixed carbon paddles on the market. Its UD and 3K carbon monocoque shaft/blade combo delivers ultimate stiffness and efficiency that benefits and excels any level paddler. The Carbon Plus offers the ultimate balance between light weight, stiffness and performance. Also available as our compact 3-piece paddle.

  • Biax Glass/UD Carbon and 12K Pre-Preg Lamination
    Provides the lightest and stiffest paddle for ultimate performance.
  • ABS Rail
    The ABS rail protects the blade from damage.
  • Lightweight UD and Carbon Shaft
    Provides the best weight and stiffness at a great price.
  • High-Gloss Finish with Traction Grip in Lower Hand Area
    Glossy finished shaft with a traction grip to prevent your lower hand from slipping.
  • Tahitian Style T-Handle with Traction Grip
    A simple yet effective handle to suit any paddler’s needs.
  • Pressure Cleat with Seamless Length Adjustment
    The length of the paddle can be adjusted seamlessly, allowing you to choose the length you decide on the go. The vario handle will always be in perfect alignment with the anti-twist system. 50 cm, 20 inches adjustment range.


Description Size Surface Area (IN2) Surface Area (CM2) Weight (KG) Weight (LB) Shaft Diameter Adjustment range
Paddle Carbon+ Vario RDS 80 80 516 0,52 1,2 Vario RDS 50cm/20″
Paddle Carbon+ Vario SDS 85 85 548 0,55 1,2 Vario SDS 50cm/20″
Paddle Carbon+ Vario SDS 90 90 580 0,58 1,2 Vario SDS 50cm/20″
Paddle Carbon+ Vario SDS 3-P 85 85 548 0,64 1,4 Vario 3-piece SDS 50cm/20″