Naish Touring iSup – Fusion [2024]

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Naish Touring iSup – Fusion
NAISH Touring-inflatables bieten ein hohes Maß an Gleitfähigkeit und Geschwindigkeit und sind gleichzeitig sehr einfach zu paddeln.
Touring iSUP 12.0 x34 | 12.6 x 32 | 14.0 x30
incl. Boardbag mit Rollen, US Finne, Pumpe

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Naish Touring iSup – Fusion [2024]

Touring inflatables provide great glide and speed while remaining very easy to paddle. They bridge the gap between our Maliko (race) and all-around inflatables. All of the Touring inflatables offer superior stability and easy paddling on long touring sessions thanks to their wide outline. Each Touring inflatable features extra cargo straps, so riders can pack even more items for those longer touring trips. Hydroslick edges reduce wasted energy and increase speed by creating a clean water release off the tail of the board. Additional handles in the nose make getting in and out of the water, even on slippery surfaces, faster and easier than ever. Our Touring inflatables are designed for paddlers who want to explore further by offering enhanced performance and faster paddling than all-around SUP boards while remaining very stable and easy to use.



Cargo Bungee – Store your dry bag or any valuables in the cargo bungee for longer adventures.

Extra Cargo Straps – Extra support for carrying your board

High-Pressure Rated – Inflate to a higher pressure for unmatched stiffness and performance.

US Fin Box – The US fin box allows the use of a stiffer fin as well as granting you the option for fin customization, for a smoother ride.

Added Deck Handles – Strategically placed handles to improve transport to and from the water.

Double Layer Rails – Built with a wide, double PVC layer on the rail providing increased durability, longevity, and stiffness allowing you to get the most out of every session.

Hydroslick Edge – Reduce wasted energy and increase speed by creating a clean water release off the tail.

Fusion Dropstitch – Creating a stiffer, more durable board providing performance and longevity to every session.

Board Bag – Easily deflate and pack up your board into a small, backpack-sized bag.

Dual Flow Pump – Quickly inflate the board with the dual flow pump, allowing for air flow on the way up and the way down.

Accessory Deck Mount – Attach your GoPro or other devices to capture your entire adventure.



Size Length (US) Length (CM) Width (US) Width (CM) Thickness (US) Thickness (CM) Volume (L) Weight (KG) Fins Ideal for riders up to
10’8″ 10’8″ 325.1 34″ 86.4 6″ 15.2 300 10.5 10.0 US box fin 265 lbs/120 kg
12’0″ 12’0″ 365.7 34″ 86.4 6″ 15.2 319 10.9 10.0 US box fin 265 lbs/120 kg
12’6″ 12’6″ 381 32″ 81.3 6″ 15.2 323 10.5 10.0 US box fin 265 lbs/120 kg
14’0″ 14’0″ 426.7 30″ 76.2 6″ 15.2 327 11.3 10.0 US box fin 265 lbs/120 kg