PowerHD Dacron Rig

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STX HD2 Monofilm Rig Complete – READY TO GO
The STX HD20 is the perfect sail for the Windsurf Tourer and Freeride boards.
(eine Cardan Joint Baseplate ist zusätzlich erforderlich)

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STX PowerHD Dacron Rig

Full Dacron rigs with a vinyl window, made to last. The Dacron sail cloth material is long lasting and durable, combining a 2-piece epoxy mast and easymount boom. All sail sizes have a fixed color, helpful in schools. All sails have three full length battens. The whole rig includes adapter, ropeset and uphaul, packaged in a heavy duty tailored bag, for easy travel and storage. 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0 feature a full size SDM epoxy mast and vario booms, built to withstand the biggest surf.

  • HD Dacron sail
  • 2 piece mast
  • alloy boom
  • Ropekit